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What we do.

Domain Acquisitions

We can help you acquire domain names - even in "difficult" markets such as China, India and Brazil.


Our domain name portfolio contains a wide range of categories suited for businesses online.

Online Marketing

With over 12 years experience in online marketing, we know what it takes to succeed online.

About Us.

International Domain Group is a division of Millimedia Ltd. We are specialized in acquiring, selling and monetizing domain names. We believe that a premium doman name is the keystone to a successful online business. We work with both gTLD's and ccTLD's and have extensive experience and expertise in international markets such as the Nordics and South East Asia.

Here we have gathered some statistics about our current domain portfolio.





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Geo Domains


Why use a premium domain name?

Acquiring the right domain name can be the difference between success and faliure.

First Impression

You often only get one chance. When the visitor is exposed to a premium domain name they know that your business is serious. Would you rather book a hotel from or from a site called

Get More Traffic

Premium domain names get natural type-in traffic. Many visitors assume that there is a service for generic domain names. This often generates a steady stream of visitors = revenue.


A premium domain name is memorable and is not confused with other domain names. That makes the visitors come back more frequently.

Save Money

By buying the right domain name now, you save yourself money in the long run. When you do PPC, your CTR will be higher which means lower cost per click. Branding is cheaper with a good descriptive domain name. You will therefore get a return of your domain investment in no-time compared to paying more for branding a bad domain name.

Block Competition

By acquiring a premium category killer domain name you block your competitors to do just that. That means that they have to spend more money than you in branding and advertising.


No other commodity in the past 20 years has increased in value as much as domain names (.com). Many domains that were bought 20 years ago for a few dollars are now being sold for millions of dollars. Acquiring a premium domain name can be a great investment for the future.

We buy domains.

Show us what you got.

We are always interested in buying good quality domain names. Please feel free to send us your domains that are for sale. Don't forget to include the asking price and whether it is negotiable. Send your domain names that are for sale to We will get back to you if we see something that fits our or our clients' domain portfolios. Please read our guidelines regarding what we are looking for before sending us your domains.


  • Our buying range is $XX - $XX,XXX.
  • Include asking price and if negotiable.
  • Interested in .com names.
  • Not interested in trademark domains.
  • Not interested in typo domains.


  • One, two or three word domains.
  • Generic names.
  • Must be pronouncable.
  • Dictionary words.
  • One word GEO domains.
  • Casino & Gaming related names.


  • LL (.com, .net, .org).
  • LLL (.com, .net, .org).
  • LLLL (.com).
  • LLLL with vowel(s) (.com).
  • LLLLL (.com - if pronouncable).


  • NN (.com, .net, .org).
  • NNN (.com, .net, .org).
  • NNNN (.com).


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